Green Way of Lake Como: let’s trek surrounded by art&nature!

The Green Way of Lake is a walk of about 10 Km, from Colonno to Tremezzo, which follows the route of the ancient roman origins the Via Regina, which  was  the only and main drag along the western shore of the Lake in the past.

 Today I want to introduce you this pleasant walk, not hard at all and so beautiful. It takes you through the typical villages of the center lake , the famous Centro Lago, the heart of Lake Como. It begins in Colonno to then reach the nice village of Sala Comacina, from where you enjoy stunning views over the so called “Gulf of the Oil” with the Isola Comacina, the only Island of my lake that was so meaningful in the past centuries and nowadays is an interesting open air museum with its ruins connected to the Middle Age. In few minutes you go down at the lake shore, exactly in Ossuccio, and walk close to the ancient romanesque Church of Saint James which keeps inside some frescoes of the XIV century, one of them can be seen also on its side wall;  the Via Regina used to pass just at the side of this small grey stones Church.  Try to image how many people, pilgrims, merchants walked on this old path in the very past centuries.

Green Way-Gulf of the Oil
Green Way-Gulf of the Oil
Green Way a Sala Comacina
Green Way Saint James
Green Way Saint James

We are now really in the heart of Lario Lake (the official name of Lake Como)!

Lenno is the very nice village that you meet after, and the green way let you pass through the old streets of Campo, its hamlets of medieval origins, Villa where there is still a military tower dating that time to then walk along its beautiful “lungo Lago”, one of the well knowest lake walk of the area. From here you enjoy an amazing view to Bellagio. Do not forget that this is also the village of the unique Villa Balbianello, located not far from the green way path! But this is another story, just try to imagine how gorgeous this piece of lake is!

Green Way-Campo Villa Balbiano

From Lenno a short rise takes you to Mezzegra, and to the parvis of the XVII century Church of Saint Abondio, dedicated to the patron of Como. In the Church you admire magnificent baroque frescoes made by one of the main Masters of this are: Giulio Quaglio who belonged to the tradition of the Magistri Comacini, later known as Magistri Intelvesi.

Mezzegra has a bunch of elegant  country palaces among which Palazzo Brentano, owned by this family who built a good business net  in Holland and Germany first selling typical items of Lake Como agriculture such as olives, citruses and  chestnuts and later becaming one of the wealthiest European families.  From the hamlet called Bonzanigo you walk down again to the lake and you arrive in Bolvedro a very cosy corner of Tremezzo, one of the most popular tourist locations of the Lake. Bolvedro has a nice little inlet where in summer time it’s easy to see elegant wooden boats, the famous Riva boats ! Just behind the corner is the very elegant Villa la Quiete, that represents the typical mansions built along the lake shore during the XVIII century for the main noble European families. Try to imagine how splendid it is!

From Bolvedro walking through the beautiful Meier garden ( public garden of Tremezzo) , where a nice kiosk is situated and  you can stop for a break tasting a local wine, an original Italian Spritz, a gelato/icecream or whatever you wish,  you easly arrive at the gorgeous Villa Carlotta of Tremezzo. A guided visit of it is a “must”! 😉 Try to imagine all its important artworks and its lush garden with so many flowers, plants and forest trees coming from all over the world! But this is another story and I’ll tell you about in another article 🙂

After this cultural stop at the Villa Carlotta you can decide if taking a ferry to Bellagio or seat and relax breathing all the beauty of my Lake!!!

And now try to imagine how beautiful this walk is and how better it can be doing it with me, your official Tourist Guide of Lake Como District !!! 😉  So do not waste time and write me or call me, so I  organize your special day along the Green Way of Lake Como!!

Green Way

Green Way -Colonno
Green Way -Colonno
Green Way Ossuccio
Green Way Ossuccio
Green Way round trip
Green Way round trip


Green Way and me!
Green Way and me!

The pictures in this article are by Daniela Rampoldi Tourist Guide Lake Como

Christmas Time in Como!!! Don’t miss it!

Christmas is almost here, few days are missing , the countdown has finally begun and the entire city of Como is ready to welcome it!!!

In these few last days the main Christmas event in town has started and a unique Christmas atmosphere is everywhere around the city. It is so amazing strolling in the lighted up streets of the “città murata”, everybody goes back in time and look around like a child, yes also adults are never grown up people in these weeks!

All the streets are dressed up with lights, beautiful windows, Christmas trees, stars…. you do not know where to look because you do not want to miss any of this magic Christmas days in such a charming old city.

And when yo arrive at the Piazza del Duomo, the Cathedral Square, the only word that you can say is “WOW”!!! Yes it is really wow!!!

Lights, colors, music, people, smiles, children, dogs…. wow! What a Christmas time it is!!!! It is so great, so colorful so special and I like it!!!

I love Christmas and my town when it is so ligted up!!! Don’t miss it, come to Como and let go yourself back in time!!! Merry Christmas, peace and joy for everybody!


Villa Carlotta blooming season!!

Villa Carlotta is one of Lake Como’s jewels, built at the end of the XVII century for the Clerici Family of Milan and later property of the important Count Gianbattista Sommariva famous politician, businessman and patron of arts who enriched its interiors with his private art collection.  With him the villa became a temple of XIX century art with works by Canova, Thorvaldsen and Hayez: Palamedes, Eros and Psyche, Terpsychore, The last kiss of Romeo and Juliet are only some of the masterpieces that make the extraordinary collection. Furthermore Sommariva started to create the lush romantic garden that still surrounds the mansion. The current name Carlotta is due to the Princess Carlotta who received it as wedding gift from her mother Princess Marianne of Nassau, Albert’s of Prussia wife in 1843, when she married with Georg II of Saxen-Meiningen. George II was  very fond in botanic, he also contributed to  enrich the park with a great number of rare botanic sorts among which the splendid azaleas and rhododendrons.
Blooming Villa Carlotta
Blooming Villa Carlotta

The period between the end of April and beginning of May is the best one to visit the boatnic collection of Villa Carlotta; walking among its paths you see at each corner the magnificent flowers of azaleas and rhodondendrons, it’s their main blooming season and you feel like to be immersed in a sea of colors and scents; more than 150 different varieties  of azaleas are around you, trust me  it is a breathtaking experience !!!

Do not miss the occasion to come to Tremezzo and enjoy this unique “show”!!!

Villa Carlotta blooming season!
Villa Carlotta blooming season!
Villa Carlotta garden blooming
Villa Carlotta garden blooming
Villa Carlotta azaleas blooming
Villa Carlotta azaleas blooming
Villa Carlotta blooming time!

Photos by Daniela Rampoldi





Lake Como event location! For more year my Lake is looked by many people, mostly from abroad, as the perfect location for their special events and who can blame them?

Lake Como offers so many great venues where your private event can become a unique one, exclusive in its organization and setting.

It is enough to come here look around and get inspired to choose your venue, they are gorgeous and ideal to become your special place. it is enough that I tell you just few names of Amazing locations where you will dream to get proposed, married or simply celebrate your birthday or family party!

Villa Balbianello, Villa Erba, Villa La Pliniana…. and many more !

Contact me and I will help you to find out what you are looking for and to organize step by step your special day or night or both of them !!!! 😉

Villa Erba-LakeComo location
Villa Erba-LakeComo location
villa erba lake como location
Lake Como Venue- Villa Erba
V.Erba Cernobbio lake como location
Lake Como Location
boat lake como location
Event at LakeComo
villa balbianello lake como location
Special party at Villa Balbianello
Isola Comacina-LakeComo Location
Isola Comacina-LakeComo Location




Season 2016 is knocking on Heaven’s  door, at Lake Como’s door!!

Even if today when I’ve waked up and looked through the window I’ve seen a grey sky, clouds, strong rain, a perfect winter day … and it is already March 5th but don’t worry it is just a fleeting low pressure area, actually forecasts announce good weather for the next week and it seems i t will be a warm spring time!  🙂

A spring which is not far at all, and so Lake Como is prepairing to welcome its guests and me too!!!

All the beautiful Villas are going to open in the next weeks.

 The gorgeous Villa Balbianello will open its gate on March 12th and people will be able to admire this magnificent and unique property, that became so popular also thanks having been the location chosen for some worldwide famous movies “007 Casino Royale” and “Star Wars Episode II Attack to the Clones” above all.

Villa Balbianello
Villa Balbianello
Villa Balbianello Daniela Rampoldi
Villa Balbianello Lake Como

Villa Carlotta instead will restart its tourist season on March 18th, in time to see the awaking of its lush garden where hundreds of different boatnic species from all over the world are. The museum, hosted in its elegant rooms, is mostly dedicated to the neo-classical art with artworks by important artists such as the great Masters Antonio Canova, Bertheld Thorwaldsen, Francesco Hayez …

Villa Carlotta Gardens -Azalea
Villa Carlotta Gardens -Azaleas’ wood


Villa Carlotta Tremezzo Daniela rampoldi
Villa Carlotta Tremezzo
Villa Carlotta-Museum "Mars&Venus"
Villa Carlotta-Museum “Mars&Venus”
Villa Carlotta-Azaleas
Villa Carlotta-Azaleas

Some days later on March 24th also the beautiful  gardens of the elegant Villa Melzi in Bellagio will be ready. Villa and gardens are a splendid expression of neo-classical style and as such stated national monument. The architectural complex was realized between 1808 and 1810 for Francesco Melzi d’Eril (1753-1816), Duke of Lodi, Vice President of Italian Republic under Napoleon and afterwards Gran Chancellor of the Napoleonic Reign of Italy.

Villa Melzi - "Dante &Beatrice"
Villa Melzi – “Dante &Beatrice”
Villa Melzi Gardens
Villa Melzi Gardens

So everything and everybody here is getting ready for the new season and the thousands of tourists who will come and visit the most beautiful Italian Lake!!! 😉

Also the more hotels, after their usual winter restyling, will reopen in few days;  we are all already feeling the arrival of another working season which will be hopefully still better than the past one!

Lake Como is a really a “WOW” location so don’t miss it if you are coming to Italy!

As usaul, I live this pre beginning period with trepidation, I am excited to restart working and leading my clients around this peace of Heaven! I am looking forward to make you fall in love with Lake Como’s  beauty, culture, traditions and history.

Do not hesitate to contact me and I will show the top highlights of my homeland, because I am 100% “Laghee”, that means I am 100% a local person who was born, grew up and has always been living in this paradise. My roots are really in Lake Como!!!

I always like to remember Robin Williams’ words “That a God exists, when you look at the sky of Lake Como, it is clear “

Lake Como Sky!
Lake Como Sky!

Balbianello my favorite Villa since ever!

Balbianello , Villa Balbianello! A difficult name to remind, a difficult name to spell but a wonderful location impossibile to forget!!!
Villa Balbianello

Lake Como is worldwide well known for its many elegant Villas that make it so romantic, most of them are located along its western shore from Como up to the Centro Lago the Center Lake and Villa Balbianello is right there, few kilometers after the Isola Comacina and the Zoca de l’Oli. Balbianello has a special position, it seems to jump in the water of the lake with all its beauty and uniqueness.Its architecture is the result of the transformation of a previous franciscan convent, that’s why its original facade with the old bell towers and a small fresco representing St Francis. The elegant Loggia stands out in the middle of the garden, a garden which is not a usual one, so different from any other you could admire along the lake shores. Villa Balbianello’s one is amazing, elegant, different, refined, well-finished in one word it is unique in its structure and style, you can’t consider it English, Italian style because it was especially designed for this Villa, for its position, for the surrounding landscape and view! When you walk in it you get stuned by the more panoramic points it has, each corner offers you detailed and special views of the magnificent lake, of the beautufilu trees and plants that are there creating a whole with the elegant structure of the house. The big green oak and camphore trees are uncommonly pruned like umbrellas, the old candelabra shaped sycamores are amazing alive sculptures, the Mediterranean palm and laurel trees charcaterized the southern side instead the strong pines seem to protect the gorgeous Loggia and the “private garden” the most beutiful terrace facing Lake Como!!!

tourist guide lake como
Villa Balbianello-view

The Villa houses some precious art and furniture collections that were placed here by the last private owner of Balbianello: Mr Guido Monzino. Before him the Villa was property of the Cardinal Angelo Maria Durini who built it athe end of the XVIII cent, later it was acquired by his nephew Lugi Porro Lambertenghi, this was the period when the impornat Italian writer Silvio Pellico stayed there , later cardinal’s nephew old the Villa to the noble Milanese family Arconati Visconti who had it for a long time till the beginning of the last century to then become an American property with the Ames. Mr Guido Monziono is without any doubt its maost influent owner, we have to thank him who decided to give to the Italian National Trust, called FAI, if we are able to enter and discover this astonishing location. Monzino was one of the most meaningful Italian mountain climbers and explorer, I can say that he made a piece of the Italian mountaineering history. In effect it is enough to think about two of his glorious expeditions: 1971 North Ple and 1973 Everest, the lattest was the first successful Italian climbing of the Everest! A great mission ! I get a little sad when I think that such a person is not so well known and commemorted in Italy.

Each room of the property tells us about him, but above all the special attic that he specially built to gather the many objects, mementos, pictures, tools, equipments of his expeditions; it is not so usual to see an original sled used to cross Greenland and reach the North Pole in 1971, the oxygen tanks, the ropes, the ice ax used to climb to the top of Mount Everest, 8848mt, in 1973!!! Unbelievable!

Unfortunately I had not  the chance to meet Mr Monzino in person, he died in 1988 when I was not yet a professional tourist guide, but I was lucky enough to meet at the beginning of my training as guide the couple who used to be the keepers of this magnificent residence when Mr Monzino was still alive and loved to spend here most of his time. It’s also thanks to them and their teachings if I immeditely fell in love with this Villa. It is here where I did my first service as licensed tourist guide I still remember how excited I was and how satisfied as well! That’s also why I love so much Balbianello and I consider it the best Villa to be visited at Lake Como, it has everything you expect to find in an ancient property of the lake: great position with breathtaking views, an iteresting story, a charming and a bit misterious owner, precious collections, a beautiful and perfectly cared garden, rare trees and plants, romantic atmosphere, unique set!

balbianello tourist guide lake como
Villa balbianello-Loggia

And last but not least Balbianello was chosen by important directors as location for more movies such as the famous “Star Wars “ and “007 James Bond Casinò Royale”!

“Villa Balbianello will be my last expedition”… thanks Guido Monzino.

vbalbianello tourist guide lake como daniela rampoldi
Villa Balbianello-Garden
tourist guide lake como
Villa Balbianello-garden
lake view balbianello tourist guide
Villa Balbianello-Lake view
balbianello danielarampoldi
Fall at Villa Balbianello
toruist guide lake como daniela rampoldi
Balbianello particular view

By Daniela Rampoldi Official Tourist Guide Lake Como District

Pictures by Daniela Rampoldi


Most people who come to visit the magnificent Lake Como do not pay attention to the Alto Lario, its northen area, which instead deserves it because it is another amazing part of this magic part of Italy. Actually it is able of deep emotions thanks to its hidden artistic wonders such as the romanesque Basilica of Santa Maria del Tiglio and the XV century church of Saint Mary in Gravedona, the parish church of Peglio with striking frescoes by the artist Fiammenghino dating the XVII century , the church of Saint James in Livo placed on a panoramic rise and surrounded by chestnut Woods, Dongo and the places where Mussolini spent the last days of his life … Furthermore, wide panoramas, old villages set in beautiful mountains from where you can enjoy great views of the Lake and authentic tastes of an ancient gastronomic tradition.

That’s why I wish to propose you a unique itinerary visiting these treasures and including a private discovery of a local winery which produces its own red and white wines, olive oil and honey. It has a very stunning position overlooking the whole Alto Lario, breathtaking views and authetincal local products and tastes!!! Run by a young couple, whose dream was to transform a small family production into a professional winemaking one, every bottle of their wine contains the features of the local land, of the local “territoir”. They want to support and maintain the peculiarities of the grapes giving so to the wines a unique mark.

The perfect combination of art, culture, landscape and authentic life!!!  Discover it with me!!!

Alto Lario view tourist guide lake como
Alto Lario view
Alto Lario- Tastes tourist guide lake como
Alto Lario- Tastes
Alto Lario Vines tour guide lake como
Alto Lario Vines
Alto Lario Nature tourist guide lake como
Alto Lario Nature



Hi! Kon’nichiwaこんにちは !!!

Here I am back from Japan!!! Only one week ago I was still listening Japanese, drinking original green tea, eating excellent food not only sushi and sashimi, Japanese cooking is much more!!! , discovering new places and meeting new people!

I really enjoyed this country, it was such a great experience. I was lucky because my travel was not a common vacation, it was not simply a tour but I had the opportunity to get in deep touch with Japanese culture, traditions, people, mood!

I spent almost one month in Kyoto, such an amazing place, nowadays site of the Unesco, it was for a very long time, from 794 to 1868, the capital of the country before that it was moved to Edo the current Tokyo. Kyoto was able to keep during the time its authentical traditions and culture but at the same time opened to the modern age, it is very easy while walking among the streets of the city center to meet ancient temples, in fact it is known as “the town of a thousand temples” , next to modern buildings and many more ancient Buddhist temples and Shintoist shrines are situated on the surrounding hills. I was very impressed by Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine dedicated to the God Inari, divinity of the rice, sake, trade, wealth. Five thousand red big Torii surrounded by trees take you till the top of the mountain where the main altar to Inari is situated, it was for me a suggestive and meditative walk in deep contact with nature and religious culture. I felt a very deep emotion also the day when I went to the close little town of Nara which also was the Japanese capital in the past times. The view of the huge Vairocana Buddah, one of the biggest in the world homed in the temple Tōdai-ji , was something so thrilling that I will never forget.

My eyes saw so interesting and amazing places: Hiroshima with the Dome that remembers the terrible event of the A-bomb , the Island of Miyajima with the worldwide famous Tori in the sea of the Hatsukaichi Shrine , Naoshima Island where the modern and contemporary art is the main protagonist thanks to the museums designed by the important Japanese Tadao Ando: Benessee and Chichu Art Museum built underground exploiting the natural light and heat; on this Island art and nature coexist in a deep balanced harmony and beauty. The city of Kobe built between mountains and sea,lively, modern and cosmopolitan. Osaka one of the largest and most popolate towns of Japan, with its skyskrapers, heterogenity and business ferment…

I did not go to the big Tokyo, one more reason to go back soon!!!!

あなたは日本語を参照してください感謝します !!!! Thank you very much Japan, see you soon!!

Fushimi Inari Taisha-Kyoto
Fushimi Inari Taisha-Kyoto JAPAN



Arrivederci  Lake Como Season 2015!!!

Today it is already November 9th, the last season has flown away like a seed blown in the wind!

I think that I’ll remember it for a longtime and with a great pleasure , it was sometimes heavy with a lot of work but above all with a lot of satisfactions, I am so happy that my fabulous Lake is so present in people heart and dreams and it is one of the best destinations in Italy. Of course I completely agree with this, I know that I am not neutral in my opinion but it deserves to be so well appreciated and desired; it is simply amazing!!! Parphrasing the words of our friend George Clooney ” Lake Como, what else?”!!!

I really wish to thank all you who came from far and close countries; France, Uk, Belgium, Malta, Usa, Canada, Australia, South Africa, India, Malaysia, Japan, Turkey, Emirates … at the beginning you were just curious to visit my homeland and at the end you were in love with it!  I was very proud to show you Lake Como’s beauty and to lead you in the discovery of its elegant Villas Villa Balbianello, Villa Carlotta, Villa Melzi, Villa Pizzo ….., typical villages and hidden corners.

Grazie dear friends for the light of surprise and wonder that shined in your eyes! Merci for the beautiful pleasures you gave me every time you told me ” it was a wonderful tour, thanks so much for making this day a special one!”.

Then a special thanks to all my colleagues who cooperated with me and gave me a precious help to cover the several double and often triple or quadruple  services, we know very well that some dates are Always  overbooked!!!

Grazie also to the providers who made a great work giving high quality services.

Thanks a lot to the many  travel agencies, tour operators, local hotels that once more granted me their trust, we worked very well together!!!! Let’s go on!!!

Now it is time to rest, winter is coming even luckily we still have very beautiful sunny and warm days and fall colors are getting the Lake also more beautiful!!! It is now my time to think about and plan my vacations, my departure date is getting closer, in less than one week I’ll fly to the East and discover a new world, new habits, new culture and people! I love it! I’m excited and curious to live this important new experience and ready to welcome new emotions !!! I will tell you, stay tuned!!! 😉

Enjoy your winter season! I’ll be waiting for you at Lake Como next spring with a lot of energy and love for my wonderful job!!!

Ciao Ciao !!!!!!!!    😉

Fall at Villa Carlotta
Lake Como in fall
November trees at Lake Como
November trees at Lake Como
Blues&lights at lake Como
Blues&lights at lake Como


Fall at Balbianello
Fall at Balbianello







Yarn: Thread or Story , a special exhibition dedicated to Made in Como Beauty!

From July 29th till Septemebr 3rd 2015 at Villa del Grumello in Como, exactly in the suggestive setting of its old greenhouses.

Fabrics and accessories telling the history of Como textile manufacture. The exhibit  wants to let people know who designed, made and wore them; a  kind of backstage to reveal unknown anecdotes like the celebreties who wore them on special occasions, the stylists who created these dream garments, their productive process and all this without forgetting  the interesting aspects lied to technology.

The aim is to produce a storytelling of the “Made in Como”, emphasizing beauty, identity and uniqueness but also proudly underlining that Como is the cradle of the textile product above all, in terms of fashion and technology.

The textiles on show were kindly given by some of the main local companies, which gave birth to the fame of Como as the Italian silk capital; Canepa Spa, FPR Spa, Girani Spa, Ratti Spa, Taroni Spa, Seride Srl.

The exhibition’s concept and set up has been cared by the Visual Art Department of the Aldo Galli IED Fine Arts Academy of Como.

Do not miss the opportunity to get in touch with this meaningful side of Como’s tradition and history, with the authentical Italian style!

On from  July 29th to Sept 3rd – Tuesdays to Sundays 10:00am- 12:00 ; 2:00pm- 6:00pm

Yarn: Thread or Story
Yarn Como
Yarn: Thread or Story
Yarn Como
Yarn: thread or story